Rainy Day in Mesa

As I sit here watching it rain, I can almost see the weeds in my yard growing. The grass is growing too, but it just seems like the weeds are better at it. This is our first growing season in our house, so we're working really hard to control the weed growth for a variety of reasons. One is, when the weeds are allowed to grow unchecked, they choke out the grass. Another reason is that I'm trying to be considerate of my neighbors and not let my weeds invade their yards (I only wish my neighbors felt the same way about me). Maybe if they see our efforts they will be encouraged to do a little better. A third reason is that the weeds create an unsightly appearance that is not very attractive or appealing. The last reason is that I don't want to get a violation letter from the HOA. They're pretty strict about weeds, and rightfully so.

So far, we're doing a pretty good job at controlling the unwanted growth, but it takes constant care and attention. It is much the same our spiritual lives. If left neglected, the unwanted elements are free to thrive. The spiritual weeds are left to choke out the desired growth. Our spiritual weeds can negatively affect our neighbors. Our lives can become unattractive to others when we are supposed to be attracting them to Christ. There is also a stiff penalty when we fail to keep our spiritual yards clean and "weed" free.

Thousands of dollars and hours are spent each year in lawn care and maintenance. What would the world look like if we all put as much effort into our spiritual yards? Just something to ponder...

God bless,


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