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Our congregation works to support many mission efforts across the world.


March 30, 2020 Message from Sylvester, before Camelback brethren began sending extra money for food:

"First, as a rural evangelist I have been ministering in our county for the past many years. And God has favored us with much increase, where we now have as many as 47 congregations

The Ugbogbo Congregation is the third congregation here in Igarra And we now have an average attendance of 350 on Sunday mornings Of this number, less than 10 percent have any form of employment at all And now almost everyone is out of work. And the government is confused

Also we now have as many as 40 widows in the church. Don't forget that most these came into the church because of the history of the benevolence efforts of the church .

Now they are even more helpless The isolation order has disrupted everything so that many people can't function at all Thus in this situation, any amount that you all can afford to send to us would be so very highly appreciated.

And I would give you a report of the rate of exchange and what it's spent on, which would be basically foodstuffs and necessities

Thank You again for your hearts of love and care Especially in a time like this, it's going to be most heartily Received and appreciated Please convey our regards and thanks to the brethren In His love"

Sylvester Imogoh


On Mar 31, 2020, at 02:49, VITTORIO VITALONE wrote to Bob Kennedy on the Mission's Commitee:

"Hello Bob, 

thanks for your letter and your concern. We are ok despite this pandemic time. In Italy are died more than 10.000 people. 

During this time, since many are home from work and aren’t receiving a paycheck and we don’t know how the government will help families in need, people are struggling to put food on the table and make ends meet. Any help you could send us would be appreciated and welcomed. 

Recently, with some funds we had, we helped some sisters from China living in Italy. They have lost their jobs because of this illness and they couldn’t leave their home to buy food, because of how people would treat them due to being a citizen from where the virus came from. Many families in Rome and in other congregations are in trouble.

 So any donation will be welcomed and will use it for helping people in distress, here in Rome or wherever we notice a need.

You could send your donation through the LAkecities CoC where you send regularly your monthly fund to me.   

Thanks again and be strong in Lord Joshua 1:9."



Camelback Missions began support in 2000 when Vittorio gave up part of his lucrative job as a physician to have more time for the Lord’s work. Vittorio serves as an elder to the church in Rome. (Viale Jonio church of Christ). During each year, Vittorio holds several evangelistic conferences in many of the churches of Christ throughout Italy. Holds public conferences such as one in 2015 titled “Is it possible to trust the Bible?” Vittorio travels throughout Italy to other congregations to fill in wherever needed for preaching and teaching. Involved in medical mission trips and has authored and published several books (Italian) about Christian life. Some are in our own library. He and his wife Tonia help organize and staff the Italian Bible Camps for youth and adults. Tonia also organizes meetings for Christian women to share their faithful living. Within a predominantly historically denominational region of the world, personal one on one study may take years before obeying the Gospel. But once a soul obeys, their love and commitment for the Lord’s church is strong.


Kampala church of Christ, Uganda, East Africa We began our relationship with the Lord’s church in Kampala when in 2001 we helped support Dr. Ellen Little’s move to that country. Her work was primarily in the field of Pediatrics and women’s health care. Since that time several members of the Camelback family have traveled to Uganda and built a strong relationship with the brethren in Kampala. Camelback continues to support the Kampala leadership with evangelistic efforts to reach lost souls in and around Kampala. A church of Christ conference for three days was held this past summer in Mbale, at the Mbale church of Christ. “Twenty three leaders from Kampala and our church plants of Wakiso, Kasanagti, and Mityan attended the conference. This year’s theme was Unity in the Church of Christ”. The church in Kampala has also been very influential through their service in the community and use of their facility, the Better Living Resource Center (BLRC).


This is an email that our missions committee received yesterday.


Imagine the day is dawning. Lying on the dirt floor of your grass hut your family will soon be waking up and there is not enough food for the day. Depressed and desperate, fathers are turning to loan sharks, who eagerly lend money at 100% interest. It's a trap, but I would do the same. If my grandchildren were hungry I would go to any extreme to stop their cries. Even with the knowledge that I will never in my life recover; I would agree in a heartbeat.

Our brothers are trying their best to help, while at the same time struggling to provide for their own. Hope of life returning to normal has just been dashed as the quarantine has just been extended for another two weeks.  


Our objective: (1) To teach the love of Christ and cause God to be glorified. (2) Prevent the people from starving. (3) Stop loan sharks.

The cost to feed a family for ten days will be $25. At the moment, we need to help approximately 5,000 families.       

Don Iverson